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Featuring QuaeroLex Desktop Organizer
Procure, organize, analyze, search, and utilize your legal research and supporting case documents more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Streamline your research and writing efforts through the use of the multitude of unique functions provided by QuaeroLex Desktop Organizer (QDO) - an innovative and unparalleled research management and analysis system. Use QDO with your current research service and automate the download/save process when you use QDO's integrated exclusive Zero-Delay Download technology. Your selected resources are automatically downloaded, saved, cataloged, indexed, and displayed in your QDO Rolodex under the case name or topic description of your own. Your case or topic can be further divided into claims, questions of law, or subtopics for powerful analysis, flexible organization, and easy access.

Use QDO to organize and analyze case opinions, transcripts, police reports, financial statements, medical/expert/investigative reports, law journal articles, legal treatises, discovery documents, court rules, and more.

Download QDO right now and immediately benefit from its unique capabilities. Organize your legal research quickly and easily. With QDO, legal research and document analysis becomes faster and easier. You will wonder - just as others have - why nobody thought of it sooner.  Click HERE to download. 

Feature List - just a few...
Just a few of QDO's many exclusive and powerful features designed for one primary purpose: to allow you to quickly and easily organize your legal research and supporting documents for more effective and efficient use.

QDO Legal Research Zero-Delay

Zero-Delay Download Technology
QDO's exclusive technology eliminates download delays, automatically importing your legal research document and organizing it under the appropriate matter/issue for later analysis...
continue reading »

QDO Legal Research Rolodex

Flexible & Powerful Rolodex
Manage your legal research in QDO's flexible and powerful Rolodex and quickly locate any Matter, Question of Law, document, document excerpt, or annotation...
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QDO Legal Research Markup Annotation

Customizable Mark-up and Annotation Tools
Create your own mark-ups and customized annotations to improve document analysis and simplify retrieval...
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QDO Legal Research Boolean Search

Powerful Boolean Searching
QDO provides full Boolean search capability within all managed content and annotations in your documents...
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QDO Legal Research Face Sheet Summaries

Face Sheet Reports
Instantly generate your own "CliffsNotes", summaries, or case briefs from your QDO-managed documents...
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QDO Legal Research Ready-Cite

QDO generates full citations for use in copying document excerpts into your own documents...
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QDO Legal Research Copy Paste

Copy & Paste Any Content
All document content, user annotations, and selected excerpts can be easily copied and pasted to other applications...
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QDO Legal Research Notes

Hierarchical Notes Management System
QDO creates a flexible hierarchical notebook for each matter, automatically linking it for easy future access...
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QDO Digital Bookmarks

Digital Bookmarks
Double-click on any annotation or excerpt in the Rolodex and be taken directly to that section within the document...
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QDO Personal Information Manager

Personal Information Manager
QDO provides a PIM for efficient contact management and storage of general firm information...
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QDO manages all documents under top-level objects referred to as a "Matter". A Matter may be a specific, individual case. Alternatively, a Matter may be a general topic of law, for example, "Requests for Admissions", under which you may construct your own personal library of relevant references for general information relating to RFAs.

Easily annotate or mark-up portions allowing instant access and analysis of relevant details using QDO's Rolodex. Increase your analytical power with QDO's user-definable categories for your annotations. Easily condense all relevant information into a printable Face Sheet report placing every pertinent section and personal notation instantly at your fingertips. Export information to share with others, import and manage resources from any source, and create user documents. Your research is perfectly organized and instantly accessible. You can quickly locate any text in all managed content using QDO's powerful and flexible Boolean search engine. 

QDO Legal Research Zero-Delay

6-Month 100% Money-back Guarantee
You will find QDO's features so valuable that you will refuse to return to your previous methods. If, after six months of use, you wish to discontinue use of QDO, we will promptly refund 100% of your money. read more »

Watch QDO in Action
Video demonstrations include a sample of functionality featuring integration with Lexis Advance, Westlaw, Casemaker, and Fastcase.

Getting Started with QDO

Getting Started with QDO
Configuration and basic use watch video (2m33s) »

Videos: Zero-Delay Download    (ZDD)
Exclusive Zero-Delay Download technology is offered for Lexis Advance, Westlaw, Casemaker, Fastcase, Bloomberg, and Google Scholar.

QDO legal research Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance
ZDD with Lexis Advance
watch video (2m14s) »

QDO legal research WestLaw

ZDD with Westlaw
watch video (2m14s) »

QDO legal research Casemaker

ZDD with Casemaker
watch video (2m14s) »

QDO legal research fastcase

ZDD with Fastcase
watch video (2m14s) »

More Videos:
Feature-specific demonstrations featuring just a few of QDO's many features.


Searching Matters
Quickly locate entries in the Rolodex using Search and Filter... watch video (3m42s) »

QDO Legal Research Digital Bookmarks

Digital Bookmarks
Instantly jump directly to desired pages and sections... watch video (5m37s) »

QDO Legal Research Mark Up

Document Mark-Up
Identify important document sections by marking them as Excerpts using multi-colored underliners and highlighters in QDO's embedded PDF viewer...watch video (4m33s) »

QDO Legal Research Annotations

Add Annotations
Create your own personalized annotations on the document using your own personalized sticky-notes... watch video (4m33s) »

QDO Legal Research Full Content Search

Full Content Search
Selectively search any or all QDO-managed content including annotations, excerpts, and full document content... watch video (6m42s) »

QDO Ready-Cite

Using Ready-Cite
See how quickly you can insert accurate citations from your own research directly into your own documents... watch video (1m22s) »


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